Welcome to the Alnwick District Food Bank site.

Alnwick District Food Bank started as North Northumberland Food Bank in 2012 with the vision of Jan Casson – Regional Manager for  Surestart in the Berwick Area. She saw first hand through her dealings with single parents accessing the Childrens Centres across North Northumberland that there were many unable to afford essential food to feed themselves and their families. As a result and partnering with Berwick Development Trust, Jan set up North Food Bank to address the need.

Recognising the geography of North Northumberland and wanting to build on Jan’s great platform, a few of us got together at the start of 2014 to create an ‘Alnwick District Branch’ encompassing Coquetdale to the Coast. Over the course of the last few months, there has been a growing band of people wanting to be part of the team ranging from the WI in Rothbury to churchwardens in Alnmouth. We have been very intentional about making sure that the referral agencies who are key to the success of this have been linked in at every stage. They include: CAB, Surestart, Age UK and NETs. We are also seeking to link in with Doctors Surgeries and Health Centres.

Our vision:

As Alnwick District Food Bank, we serve the community from Coquetdale in the west to the Coast in the east with a volunteer-led team seeking to meet the essential food needs of disadvantaged individuals and families through a compassionate approach to genuine need. This will be achieved by liaising with referral agencies and working closely with churches and other organisations with record keeping and data led intelligence to help ensure integrity and transparency for the project. Seeking to have good communication with all interested parties by having a central coordinator. We are self-funded and required not only food donations, but also finance, and are purely volunteer-led.

How can you help?

There is a huge amount of positivity towards Food Bank locally. We are now based at the Lindisfarne Centre in Alnwick and willing volunteers are prepared to give an hour a week to sort, date, pack and deliver food to the frontline places such as the Salvation Army Shop, Surestart and CAB. We have a number of churches including Alnwick Baptist Church collecting food as well as schools and coffee shops such as Costas. We have fliers distributed across the district giving information as to how a food parcel can be accessed through the proper channels so as to make sure only those in genuine need are being catered for. We are also looking to churches across the district to keep emergency parcels so that local need can be met by local people.

We are a small Registered Charity. The Trustees greatly value the work, support, skills and knowledge of our friends and volunteers.

Please note that we do occasionally donate items we cannot use to suitable charities. Your generosity means we are occasionally left with a surplus – in cases like these, to avoid food waste, we donate food items to other food banks in the north-east.

Registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales – Number 1173294